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Friday, August 11, 2006

Visit a website - earn more than 50Rs/minute!

This is yet another way of making money on the internet. You are surfing anyway on the internet, what if you got paid for it too? Well, truth is that there are many Indian websites too that are offering this type of service.

The idea is simple - you just visit a website and surf it. You can ofcourse minimize it and surf other websites as well, but you get paid for the time you are using that website!! Cool right??
It's a simple yet revolutionary Internet Service through which you can earn money when you and your friends are online, visiting Websites, or using any of our services.

By using the power of the Internet and our technology we are able to reverse the rules of the game. Now, everytime you use Email, Surf the Web, Chat or even play online games - you will earn money!

Most of the programs offer you to pay money if you read their ads, or just read an email or just visit a site. It's easy! Get paid today when surfing another website.


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