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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How to make money on the Internet - Tools to earn !

Of course! we are not here to give you promises but solid cash!

1. First you need some tools to make money on the internet!

Generally, the Internet trades in US dollars wherever you are in the world and payment through an online service is a more economic way of exchanging dollars to your local currency than paying in a cheque to your bank. Many affiliate programs require you to have an online account from one of the major services so it is prudent to join all three. You can also pay on line for services like web site hosting and purchases at auctions for instance. They are free to join.

2. An broadband connection to the Internet
If you intend to earn money on the Internet you will be spending some time on-line. It will pay you to keep your overheads down.If you log on to the Internet in the UK for more than about 150 minutes a week then it will pay you to sign up for an unlimited connection where your local phone call costs are included. Broadband/Cable is now more commonly available and makes 'always online' surfing magic!

3. A dedicated credit card for the Internet
Get another credit card for internet use only and keep the limit low. Using plastic online is in fact safer than using it in a restaurant but it helps to keep your online finances separate, so check with your existing card supplier for a second account.


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