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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Got a digi-cam? Get paid for taking photos!

Okay, so you've got a digital camera, that's kool! But what's even kooler is this. If you have been taking pictures and dont know what to do with them, just send them to a stock photo agency and they will buy those photos, if they like them.

Stock photography is actually a very growing field in the new side.

Everyone who has got a digital camera can shoot pictures and there are a lot of companies who will pay you for tour shots. You can indulge in any type of photography you need.There are even stock photo agencies who pay you more than 60% of the total sale.

They work like this.

You take photos of your interest and give them. They store them online and advertising agencies/magazine/book publishers come online and buy your pictures to publish them. They pay the stock image company - who inturn will pay you your commision - which is not bad - after all what you've done is just click photos which you might be doing otherwise too.

There are a lot of stock photography - stock image libraries and agencies.

But here are some good ones.



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