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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Get paid per click - 10$ for a click!

Along with the regular search engines and directories, pay per click search engines (PPCs) are the big marketing opportunities on the Net.

The advantages of PPCs are that you achieve a top ranking the very same day versus waiting for weeks or months with the free major search engines and you receive a guaranteed placement on every keyword you choose without needing to tweak the content of your pages.

Technically, the listing is free. You pay only for each click (i.e., visitor) that you receive from that listing. If you place the highest bid per click price for a keyword, you'll achieve the highest ranking and keep it until someone outbids you. When this happens, your listing will be pushed down a notch.

You open an account with the pay per click search engine and deposit some money into your account which you'll use to bid on keywords. The amount you bid on a given keyword is subtracted from your balance every time someone clicks on your listing in the results.

The advantage of PPCs over paying for banner ads is that you don't pay for impressions, but instead for actual click-throughs. It's also commonly known that visitors from search engines are much more likely to make a purchase than visitors derived from traditional ads, because each click comes from someone who was actively looking for your products or services.

Some of the top pay per click programs are offered by Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google Adsense!(For more ask me.)


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