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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Get paid each time you install a software

This is what i found on the net the other day - check out!(from peacefire.org)
The Circumventor is a program we wrote (based mostly on James Marshall's CGIProxy software -- major shout-outs!) to help people get around Internet blocking software. When you install it on your home computer, it creates a new URL (web page address) that you can then share out with other people, and they can use that URL to circumvent Internet censorship.

To help create more Circumventor URLs that more people can use, we are offering anybody $10 to install the Circumventor on your PC and share out the URL with us. We'll distribute the URLs to people who need them, such as people serving in the U.S. military overseas (where Internet connections are censored to limit access to sites such as MySpace), and victims of totalitarian dictatorships such as China, North Korea, and high school.

The software is safe and easy to use; in three years of helping people set up Circumventor sites, nobody has ever complained about it creating a problem or a security risk, and it does not contain any adware or spyware.

To set up the Circumventor, this what you need:

* A computer running Windows XP or 2000. (This includes almost all Windows machines bought in the last four years or so.)
* The ability to leave your computer turned on and connected to the Internet almost all of the time. (It's OK if you need to reboot it or turn it off occasionally, you just can't turn it off and walk away and never answer any e-mails about what happened to it.)

To install the Circumventor and get paid, here's what you do:

1. Follow these instructions to set up your Circumventor. If you follow the instructions but the Circumventor doesn't install successfully, e-mail bennett@peacefire.org for help. (Be sure to include the circumventor-setup-log.txt file if the installer generated one.)
2. If the Circumventor installs successfully, then on the "It's ready!" page that appears at the end, choose the option to submit your Circumventor for sharing, and enter your e-mail address.
3. Send a separate e-mail to bennett@peacefire.org with "Circumventor (your name)" in the subject line, saying that you just submitted the Circumventor and you'd like to be paid $10. Include information on how to pay you -- either by PayPal, or by mailing a check to your address.
4. After you have left your Circumventor up for at least a week, we'll send your $10 check using the payment method you requested.

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