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Friday, August 11, 2006

Adsense Secrets - For Indian webmasters!

These are some of the Adsense secrets i found out from my experience, and i think will be benficial for the Indian webmasters. Yes, there are a lot of loop holes that Google does not notice when using Adsense in regional context. These are not violating the TOS. I have experimented with them, contacted Google to see if there are any violations done, and have tuned these into fine possible tweaks for Google Adsense - -that turns it into a cash machine.

1. Blend colours to match your blog/site colours - this idea works well. By doing this there is a huge possbility to increase the number of clicks.But make sure that the headlines are a bit prominent, may be you can use a darker version of the heading text colour on your website.This helps the visitors to make out what the ads are?

2. Use the ads on the top fold or the right pane. DONOT use horizontal ones on the top and bottom of the page - they are easy to ignore. For top fold ads, the large rectangle is the best choice, just blend it with the background colour and add it within the text body, it will seem like a genuine content and also will bring in more relevant ads.

Reagrding the right hand side ads, a skyscraper is best cos it covers the entire 600 pixels height! Also belnd it with the background please!

3. Make use of Ad units, they have less click through ratio but, its clear that who ever clicks on it is genuinenily interested in the ads, and has a high possibility of clicking through!

4. Read your statistics - Make use of channels! Make each channel for each ad unit and watch them over a period of one week, the results should tell you what you should modify and what not - they are the best feedback you can get. i know it's a bit boring, BUT very very Effective! otherwise Google wouldnt offer it in first place for you.

5. Now this is a top secret that you may find silly -but i've talked about this to the Google people and they havent disagreed. use an image with your regional text on it like Hindi, Tamil or Bengali - Google bots dont understand this and you are virtually asking the visitors to support you by clicking ads. I wouldnt ercommend this for static websites but a forum with users who are closer to you and would listen to what you are saying!! U know what i mean?

Ex:- I had a songs sharing forum - i am the admin and i put this banner near all google ads, asking in hindi to click the ads and help us to keep getting the songs for free. My visitors would listen - and they did!
This is actually against the TOS , so dont do this unless you know how to do it.

More to come on optimising adsense for forums and blogs!!


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